• About us

      Shift Line is a team of people mad about music. We love music in all of its forms and know how important is good and distinctive sound.

       We are experimenters. Inspired by icons, we build our stompboxes by combining best traditional and new unique methods, collaborating with musicians in our researches. Improving our designs year by year, we have found a hot, recognizable and flexible enough sound.

       Each of our products is made in unique visual concept. We know that good appearance is so important as good sound.

    Shift Line started in 2008 with simple big muff in 1590A housing project, but were asked by friends to make more. Year later we drilled cases for our first production model. Now we are one of leading pedal workshop in exUSSR.

       A distinctive feature of our pedals is handmade assembly with meticulous quality control on each step. We have found best parts and materials to be sure than any of our product is made perfectly.

       We are proud of our product and hope you will enjoy it.

      If you have ay questions you can contact us by mailing to sales@shift-line.com

     Our workshop located in downtown Saint-Petersburg, Russia. If you want to visit us please contact us first.

    You can also find us in socials

    Here is quick overview of our workshop: