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    Type: Freeze reverb (eternal reverb, microsampling reverb)
    Instruments: Guitar/Bass
    Short description: Dark ambient machine.

    Summary: Play a chord and push the footswitch: the “frozen” chord will create a wall of sound, over which you can play a solo. You can also use this pad-like sound in drone and similar genres of music.
    A very short music sample is recorded into the device’s memory and (as soon as the device is switched on) is looped, filtered and processed through high-feedback reverberation, resulting in a lush background pad sound.
    Very few devices can do the same, and none of them have such a small footprint as Force does. One more distinctive feature of the device is that Force samples the sound beforehand. You don’t have to wait for it to record the sample when you switch it on; the effect is applied instantly. Force constantly samples the incoming sound and starts working exactly when you need.

    • Small and lightweight.
    • 3 bypass modes (Latching, classic and momentary).
    • 3 freeze modes (REVERB-FREEZE, GENTLE-ROAR, SUB-FREEZE).
    • This pedal has buffered bypass which doesn’t audibly distort or color the sound.
    • The dry signal volume is fixed at unity.
    • The freeze effect is, in fact, not eternal; it lasts 5-9 minutes, depending on the instrument’s attack and volume.

    Force Scheme
    1. Footswitch turns the effect on. In momentary mode: press and hold for effect. In latching mode: press once to start freezing, press once more to override current sound; press twice to stop.
    2. MIX knob determines the effect’s volume.
    3. The MODE switch selects one of the bypass modes:
      • momentary (in the UP position);
      • latching (in the DOWN position);
      • classic toggle mode (in the MIDDLE position on the 2018 revision).
    4. Hold down the Footswitch and flick the MODE switch to select one of the pedal′s effect types:
      • regular freeze reverb (in the UP position);
      • freeze reverb + octave down (in the DOWN position);
      • a gently growling, electric organ-like freeze reverb with up and down octaves (in the MIDDLE position on the 2018 revision).
    5. IN is a 1/4” mono jack input for the signal source.
    6. OUT a 1/4” mono jack output to other effects or amps.
    7. LED is on when frozen signal is playing. Blinks twice when patch is changed.
    8. Power In is the device’s power supply input.

    Force Scheme2
    Additional information:
    • The toggle clearly shows the chosen bypass mode: momentary (UP), classic (MIDDLE) and latching (DOWN). If you change the sound while holding down the footswitch, you’ll have to choose the proper bypass mode once again. The pedal’s 2018 revision has a 3-position MODE switch; the earlier models have a 2-position switch.
    • To change the patch (effect type), use the toggle while holding down the footswitch. In this case, UP selects REVERB-FREEZE, DOWN selects SUB-FREEZE, MIDDLE selects GENTLE-ROAR. Changes are saved on footswitch release, the LED will flash twice if a different patch was selected. If the selected patch remains the same, the LED won’t flash and no changes will be made. The chosen patch is stored in the device’s memory and will remain there even if you switch the pedal off or experience a power shortage.
    • The “shadow” mode. To access this mode, press and hold down the footswitch, plug the power supply out of the pedal and plug it back in, then release the footswitch. The LED will start flashing. The "shadow" mode gives you access to several test sounds of the algorithms that were considered but ultimately not used in the pedal. Only double-click bypass works in this mode. Disconnect power to exit this mode.

    Technical Specifications:
    • Nominal input level: -20 dBu.
    • IN impedance: 100kOhm.
    • OUT impedance: 10 KOhm.
    • Size (L x W x H): 98 x 45 x 50mm (3.9 x 1.8 x 1.9”).
    • Unit weight: 150g (1/3 lbs).
    • Power: 9V DC, standard power supply (2.1/5.5mm jack, tip is negative). Current draw: 70mA.
      ATTENTION: Use only regulated 9V DC power supply.


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