• Ordering, delivery and FAQ


    Now we receive only PayPal transactions. If you want to pay with other method please email us and we will try to meet your suggestion.

    Shipping terms

    If product is in-stock, we usually ship next working day. Sometimes it will take longer, but we will do our best to ship is asap.

    Any customs clearance expenses are buyers responsibility.

    Shipping from Russia to far distances with standard international post service could take up to month, but in most cases you will receive your package in 2 weeks. We provide Russian post tracking number, for some countries it can only indicate date when package was accepted and left Russia. Please email us if you have any doubts.

    If you want any other shipping options - please contact us and we will help you.

    Return policy

    We will accept 7 days money back returns from a date of receiving a package. Buyer pays shipping expenses. Returning device should have no visible signs of wear.


    We offer 3 year warranty for any of our product.
    Exceptions: unauthorized modification or repair attempt, cosmetic damage, vacuum tubes, products designed for domestic usage only.
    All products are serviced only in our workshop in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
    User pays shipping expenses if any.


    -What kind of bypass your pedals are?
    Most of our pedals have clickless relay true bypass circuit, otherwise active bypass is mentioned on pedal’s description page. Tube preamps have no bypass option, obviously.

    -What power adapter do your pedals accept
    Most of our pedals are designed to work with standard ‘boss style’ 2.1/5.5mm dc jack, 9 volts, outer positive. Use only regulated power adapters to avoid noise problems.

    Tube preamplifiers need an 12 volts AC adapter with at least 750 mA current output.

    -Do your pedals work on battery?
    In most cases yes. All 9V powered pedals could be powered with standard 9V battery. Exclusions: mini-sized series, preamplifiers.

    -Where are you located?
    We are located in heart of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, near the State Hermitage Museum.
    If you want to visit us or ship something to us please email us first and we will provide accurate instructions.

    -I have seen some pedals made by you but missing on your site, could you sell me one of this?
    In most cases answer is no. We have list of discontinued pedals and some pedals designed only for domestic usage. If you still want some exact product email us.

    -Do you offer preorders on your pedals?
    Yes, we do. If pedal is out of stock you can preorder it on pedal’s description page. We do not ask for payment, just will queue you and inform when pedal is ready to order.

    -Pedal is out of stock, what is waiting time for new batch?
    Waiting time depends on our load and queue size. Issue a preorder and we will say how long will it take in your case.

    -I still have a question, how can i contact you?
    Please email us to sales@shift-line.com and we will usually answer you in 24h.