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CMOS Preamplifier
If you love the character of famous solid state amps from 70´s than BETA is what you are searching for.
This product is discontinued
  • Two separate channels with ability to mix them.
  • Extremely wide dynamic range: from chrystal clean to high gain distortion.
  • Buffered THRU output.
  • Series effect loop designed for regular FX pedals (-10dBu level).
  • Output level is +20dBu designed to drive any power amp. Connect preamplifier directly to power amp: use POWER AMP IN or RETURN jack on your combo/amp.
  • XLR output with switchable cabsim. (2x15 and 8x10 modes).
  • Сompact and lightweight.
  • INPUT — 1/4" mono jack input for the signal source.
  • THRU — 1/4" mono jack output to other effects or amps (buffered).
  • SEND — 1/4" mono jack output to effects.
  • RETURN — 1/4" mono jack input for effects.
  • OUTPUT — 1/4" mono jack output to other effects or amps.
  • XLR — +10 dBu balanced output. Master volume knob does not affect this output.
  • DRIVE — Input sensitivity.
  • BASS, MID, TREBLE — three band EQ, flat response with all knobs at noon.
  • LEVEL — channel volume.
  • MASTER VOLUME — output level.
  • A/B footswitch — selects active channel.
  • BOTH footswitch — activates both channels work in parallel.
  • GND switch — disconnect ground pin on balanced output to prevent ground loops.
  • CABSIM switch — selects XLR output mode: Direct signal, 2x15 model or 8x10 model (This switch is located inside the pedal. To change cabsim setting: unplug power adapter, unscrew bottom plate and set toggle in required position).


  • Power supply: 9V regulated power supply, 2.1*5.5mm, center negative, 500mA minimum.
  • Dimensions: 132х105х50 mm (5.2x4.2x2 inches).
  • Weight: 550 g (1 lb)