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Buzz V.2

Bass drive
Shift Line presents the A+ Buzz V.2 bass drive.

Bass and distortion go hand in hand — at least, that's what we believe, and many bass players seem to agree. The A+ Buzz has found its place in bass pedalboards all over the world, and now it's time for a new and improved revision: the Buzz V.2 bass drive.

The new version builds up on what made the Buzz so popular. The strong core sound, great dynamic response, and simple controls with a wide sweet spot are all present in the Buzz V.2 — but now they are joined by an improved EQ section along with separate volume controls for the dry and distorted signal. And due to the top-mounted jacks, it's now even easier to fit into your pedalboard!

Key Features:

  • Excellent dynamic response: clean to full-on distortion
  • Fully fledged low & high frequency controls (BASS and TREBLE knobs)
  • Control over low and high mids (MID and BITE)
  • Separate dry & wet volume controls with the option to boost the clean signal
  • Universal usability (live, studio, direct recording)
  • Fully analog signal path
  • Compact and lightweight anodized aluminium enclosure with laser-engraved graphics
  • Top-mounted jacks for improved connectivity


  • The DRIVE LEVEL knob controls the distorted signal volume. The distorted signal can be turned down to 0 if needed.
  • The CLEAN LEVEL knob controls the clean signal volume. The clean signal can be boosted up to +12dB or turned down to 0 if needed.
  • The GAIN knob controls the intensity of the drive.
  • The BASS knob controls the volume of low frequencies in the distorted signal (±10dB shelf at 70Hz).
  • The TREBLE knob controls the volume of high frequencies in the distorted signal (±10dB shelf at 10kHz)
  • The MID switch provides fine control over low mids (650Hz) in the distorted signal:
    • UP: +5dB
    • CENTER: 0dB
    • DOWN: -12dB
    Depending on the position of the MID switch, the distorted signal's character shifts from vintage to modern. Frequencies are cut with a narrow band and boosted with a wide band.
  • The BITE switch provides fine control over high mids (2900Hz) in the distorted signal:
    • UP: +6dB
    • CENTER: 0dB
    • DOWN: -6dB
    The BITE switch determines how aggressive the pedal sounds. Frequencies are cut with a narrow band and boosted with a wide band.
  • The BYPASS switch turns the effect on or off.

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General Info

  • The A+ Buzz V.2 is an improved revision of the Buzz, a bass drive pedal that has found its place in pedalboards all around the world. It is a product of our long-time experience in creating effects for bass guitar in various music styles, and it meets our core principles:
    • High quality of sound and execution
    • Reliability. The pedal utilizes a fail-safe relay-based passive (true) bypass circuit
    • Just like the rest of our products, the Buzz V.2 has been tested with high-end and budget instruments and equipment
    • Size matters! The device's complex schematics are packed inside a compact enclosure
  • Due to well-thought EQ, the pedal sounds good even for direct recording: there are no excessive high frequencies or "sizzle" in the distorted signal.
  • The schematics of the Buzz V.2 are based on the first revision with improvements to the sound palette. If needed, the V.2 can sound exactly like the V.1 while offering much deeper control over the nuances of the sound. Some elements of the Shift Line Termofuzz are used in the Buzz V.2's schematics.
  • The higher you set the GAIN knob, the quieter sounds will get distorted. The distortion range depends on the instrument. With low-output basses, the gain range starts from a clean sound; instruments with high-output and/or active pickups allow for much higher gain. Make sure to use your instrument's volume knob for fine adjustments to the gain range.
  • Since the CLEAN LEVEL knob can boost the clean signal volume up to +12dB, the Buzz V.2 can be used as a boost pedal and drive the amplifier even harder for an increased gain amount (the result depends on the amp model).


  • IN — 6,3mm, mono, unbalanced, 1MOhm input impedance.
  • OUT — 6,3mm, mono, unbalanced, 100Ohm output impedance.
  • Power — (9V DC 60mA), negative tip, 2.1/5.5mm. Use a regulated PSU only.
  • Dimensions — (LхWхH): 110х67х56mm (4.3x2.6x2.2").
  • Weight — 240g (0.5lb).

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