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One of the best fuzz pedals for an outstanding experimental sound. Termofuzz offers an enormous sound palette, ranging from break-up crunch to super hi-gain fuzz tones, octafuzz, gated fuzz, self-oscillation and anything you can ever imagine.
This product is discontinued
  • Extremely wide variety of sounds. 50 years of fuzz in one pedal!
  • 8-bit sound? Sure!
  • All analog circuit
  • Clickless relay true bypass
  1. Knob Level — the pedal's master volume
  2. Knob Dirt — turn this knob to get self-oscillation, random octaves, 8-bit sounds and noises
  3. Knob Gain — the amount of distortion
  4. Knob Mode — use this knob to smoothly transition between low-gain, gated, octave and hi-gain modes. The Mode control interacts with the Gain and Dirt knobs.
  5. Switch Harm — the amount of high-frequency harmonics.
  6. You guitar volume — yes, it makes a lot sense! Simply twist it to get new sounds.


  1. The Mode knob has no fixed positions; it changes the sound smoothy. In fact, the pedal's behaviour is controlled by a combination of 3 controls – Gain, Dirt and Mode. The resulting sound is determined by the relative positions of those knobs. The Mode knob can do wonders! It changes the sonic character of the Termofuzz from low gain to super high gain, going through up and down octaves, arpeggios and gate effects.
  2. The Harm switch selects the amount of high-frequency harmonics in the output signal. This switch has no effect if the Mode knob is turned fully clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Dimensions (without knobs): 111х60х30 mm (4.3x2.4x1.2").
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs
  • Power supply: 9V regulated center negative power adapter or 9V battery. Power consumption: 25 mA.