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Bass drive
Who said bass guitar didn't need distortion? We believe it definitely does - and there's a growing number of bass players who agree with us. Alas, there are still few dedicated bass distortion pedals; for the most part, bass players have had to use either guitar stompboxes or no distortion pedals at all.

Here at Shift Line, we take bass distortion seriously - most of us are bass players, after all. As soon as we released our Olympic MkII bass preamp, we started working on our brand new distortion pedal for bass: the A+ BUZZ.

And let us tell you this: we are very happy with the sounds Buzz can produce. It sings, it growls, it saturates - and it does it all at your command. With A+ Buzz, your bass guitar will truly stand out in the mix. Let there be rock!
This product is discontinued
  1. The LEVEL knob controls the volume of the distorted signal. It can be used to fine-tune the blend proportion or to drive your tube amp even harder.
  2. The BLEND knob controls the mix of the clean signal and the distorted signal. It can be set to fully clean, fully distorted, or anything in between.
  3. The GAIN knob controls the drive's sensitivity. The higher its setting, the softer you have to pluck the strings to have the distortion kick in.
  4. The HARM switch controls the amount of higher harmonics fed into the distortion.
  5. The FAT switch controls the amount of low end fed into the distortion. With this switch, you can change the drive's sonic characteristics from a more overdriven sound to thick, fuzzy distortion.


Additional info
Due to its specifically designed EQ, Buzz sounds great even for direct recording - there are no overbearing highs or unwanted noise.
Here's how the HARM switch works:
  • In the UP position (two dots), it cuts off most of the highs fed into the distortion;
  • In the DOWN position (one dot), it cuts off a small amount of the highs fed into the distortion;
  • In the MIDDLE position, all high frequencies are fed into the distortion.
As for the FAT switch, it works like this:
  • In the UP position (two dots), it provides the largest amount of low end;
  • In the DOWN position (one dot), it cuts off a moderate amount of the lows;
  • In the MIDDLE position, it feeds the least amount of low end into the distortion, resulting in a more overdriven sound at high gain.
A+ Buzz is our original design that borrows certain parts of the circuit from our Termofuzz and Mr.Blend pedals. Buzz has been brought to life through countless hours of auditioning and adjusting the circuit, coupled with our extensive experience in modding. The pedal's sturdy casing and practical layout ensure that Buzz will easily survive through heavy use on stage.
  • Dimensions: 111 x 60 x 50 mm (4.37 x 2.36 x 1.97")
  • Power: regulated 9V PSU or 9V battery
  • Current draw: 50mA