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SkyNet Reverb VST3/AU plugin

SkyNet Reverb
VST3/AU plugin

SkyNet Reverb is a VST3/AU plugin based on the SkyNet-1 and SkyNet-2 algorithms from the Astronaut. space reverb pedal. SkyNet Reverb is geared towards massive soundscapes with long decay times. By blending the two SkyNet algorithms, you can sculpt atmospheric sounds which fit your music best.
SkyNet Reverb VST3/AU is distributed on a Pay-What-You-Want basis: you determine the donation amount yourself. This means you can also download the plugin for free if you wish. Donations are accepted at You can always get the plugin files by following the link with no extra actions required.
SkyNet Reverb VST3/AU plugin


We've made a conscious effort to minimize the number of controls while developing this plugin. If you enjoy the sonic character of the SkyNet-1 and SkyNet-2 algorithms, the available 5 controls will surely be sufficient:
  • The DECAY knob controls reverb decay time.
  • The VOLUME knob controls output signal volume.
  • The MIX knob controls the wet/dry signal crossmix.
  • The SkyNet slider controls the blend of the SkyNet-1 and SkyNet-2 algorithms.
  • The Bypass checkbox engages and disengages the reverb.
The plugin version is displayed in the Shift Line SkyNet Reverb v.0.1 line. Make sure to check our website for the latest version and any further info by clicking the INFO link in the bottom right corner of the UI.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows
CPU: Intel Core i3-i9, AMD
RAM: 8 GB (recommended)
OS Version: 7 — 11 (64-bit)
Minimum display resolution: 1024x768

DAW or any other environment which can host VST3

Apple macOS
CPU: Intel Core i5, i7, i9, Apple Silicon M1, M2
RAM: 8 GB (recommended)
OS Version: 10.13 — 13.0
Minimum display resolution: 1024x768

DAW or any other environment which can host VST3/AU

ATTENTION: Shift Line isn't a certified Apple software developer. To ensure proper operation of the installer, you need to allow the installation in system preferences (Privacy & Security / General). If you're installing the VST3/Component files to the appropriate folders on your own, you will have to perform additional actions to change user access rights as admin.


The latest Shift Line SkyNet Reverb version is v.0.1
The archives contain the following files: the installer, SkyNet.vst3, SkyNet.component (macOS only), SkyNet_Readme_RU.txt, SkyNet_Readme_EN.txt

SkyNet Reverb VST3/AU plugin

SkyNet Reverb
VST3/AU plugin